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D. Used and I. The, RPM] (imposed rotational speed about x-axis at x = 0 m), f c = 100

D. Id-p and =. , D ch = 0.3 [m] (diameter of the borehole (channel)), x stab = 1400 [m] (location of the stabilizer), k stab = 17.5 [MN/m] (stiffness of the stabilizer per meter), E = 210 [GPa] (elasticity modulus of the drill string material ), ? = 7850 [kg/m 3 ] (density of the drill string material), ? = .29 [-] (poisson coefficient of the drill string material), k s = 6N.s/m] (friction coefficient for the axial rigid body motion), c 2 = 0.05 [N.s/m] (friction coefficient for the rotation rigid body motion), µ ip = 0.0005 [-] (friction coefficient between the string and the borehole), p.950762