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. Preex, A string v is a preex of a string u if u = vu 00 for some string u 00 . Proper: Qualiies a factor of a string that is not equal to the string itself

. Suux, A string v is a suux of a string u if u = u 0 v for some string u 0 . Suux tree: Trie containing all the suuxes of a string

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G. A. Stephen, String searching algorithms 7 Further Information Problems and algorithms presented in the chapter are just a sample of questions related to pattern matching. They share the formal methods used to design eecient algorithms. A wider panorama of algorithms on texts may be found in a few books such as Crochemore and Rytter Research papers in pattern matching are disseminated in a few journals, among which are, Algorithmica. Two main annual conferences present the latest advances of this eld of research: Combinatorial Pattern Matching, which started and was held since in London (England) Asilomar (California), Helsinki (Finland), 1990.